The Epic Exploration of Voyager 2

Voyager 2 space probe was launched by NASA to study the outer solar. It was launched from Cape Canaveral in Florida on August 20, 1977.

Launch of Voyager 2. Picture from JPL of NASA

The primary mission of Voyager 2 is to make flybys of the four Jovian planets in our solar system. Having visited the Jovian system in 1979, the Saturnian system in 1981, the Uranian system in 1986 and the Neptunian system in 1989, Voyager 2 is now in its extended mission to study the outer reaches of the Solar System.

Trajectory of the Voyager. Picture from NASA

NASA takes advantage of the then-new technique of gravity assist, enabling Voyager 2, a single probe to flyby multiple planets before continuing on its way out of our solar system. The trajectory of Voyager 2 allowed additional fuel savings by using the gravity of each planet along the spacecraft’s path to help boost in onward to the next planet.

There are currently five science investigation teams participating in the Interstellar Mission. And 5 instruments onboard the Voyagers directly support those science investigations. The 5 investigations are: Magnetic field investigation, Low energy charged particle investigation, Cosmic ray investigation, Plasma investigation and Plasma wave investigation. — from JPL of NASA

The epic exploration of Voyager 2 marked another great achievement in our journey of discovering the Universe. Here are some of the best pictures taken by Voyager 2.





One thought on “The Epic Exploration of Voyager 2

  1. This is so cool! I just realized that I am sitting and reading your blog while Voyager 2 is exploring the outer reaches of the Solar System… It is crazy to think that it makes some amazing discoveries that a human cannot do!


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